Grove Park’s neighborhood speed limit is 25 MPH

Safety is important to all of us, and the speed limit on Grove Park neighborhood streets is one of the ways our families, neighbors and pets stay safe.

With safety in mind, Grove Park neighbor Lindsey Wolfe noticed that several Grove Park streets (four streets, to be exact), did not have any speed limit signs. Not one to simply notice something this important and just let it pass, she reached out to the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) to learn how to fix this. What she learned was surprising.

We’ve probably all seen signs around Charlotte that say something to the effect of “All streets 35MPH unless otherwise posted.” We’ve probably also never really given much thought to those signs. What Lindsey learned was that those signs held the answer of the four GP streets. Grove Park Blvd, Lakeside Dr (East), Randy Dr, and Terry Ln did not have speed limit signs because they were classified as 35MPH streets. This, even though every one of the other twenty GP neighborhood streets are 25 MPH. Not only this, but two of the four streets, Lakeside and Randy, had yellow caution signs warning drivers of the danger of speeding over 25MPH. Even without these dangerous street conditions, 35 MPH is much too fast to keep Grove Park families safe.

After getting over the initial surprise, Lindsey, by this time the newly elected GPNA Vice President, and the other GPNA board members took action. Working together with CDOT, the official speed limit on the four streets was reduced to 25MPH. This process included mailing postcards to over 150 property owners on the four affected streets. Going forward, Grove Park families, neighbors and pets will be safer on our streets, all of which now are 25 MPH!