Quarterly President’s Letter, Winter 2017

I’m very excited about the soon-to-be announced groundbreaking for the new park at Linda Lake and Williams Rd. Though we don’t have a date for it yet we do have a name.

If you look on a map you can see a creek running through the park which could, in the future, be lovely with ferns and shade-loving plants. The creek comes from Delta Lake and is labeled on at least one old map as Delta Creek. A group of residents from both Grove Park and Ravenwood met in an effort to reach a consensus on a name for the park that would reflect the shared nature of the park and the opportunities it will bring for strengthening our two neighborhoods’ collaboration. A most obvious name rose to the top: Delta Creek Park. This name will look beautiful on the new signage. The County’s Park & Recreation department was hoping for a February groundbreaking, but when construction is involved delays are not uncommon. Plans for the park are available online here. Whenever the groundbreaking occurs we’ll be posting photos on Grove Park’s Facebook page.

Another new event that affects us is that we have a new city council District 5 representative. Dimple Ajmera was chosen by a council vote to be our representative. She will be the first Asian-American to be on the council and will serve as interim until next December when an elected council person will fill that position. We congratulate her on this new job and will be seeing more of her in the future.

I hope to see you all around the neighborhood in the coming year. Give a thought to joining our book club, garden club, afternoon or evening crafters, or, if you speak Spanish really well, the Hispanic Women’s Group which would be delighted to have you. More information on these opportunities can be found here.

Mimi Davis, Grove Park Neighborhood Association President